The Dubai Concert Committee was established 1996 under the kind patronage of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum to provide an opportunity to enjoy classical music concerts. In April 2011 The Dubai Concert Committee was awarded as Supporters of the Arts during the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Patrons of the Arts Award ceremony. We are  a team of music enthusiasts chaired by opera stage director Brigitta Dagostin, who are driven by our passion for music and our commitment to high quality concerts in Dubai. We have been bringing international professional performers to Dubai since 1996, and are the first organisation doing this in the classical area. In January 2014 we have created a new classical music series called “World Classical Music Series” and moved the concerts to the Royal Ballroom of the One&Only Royal Mirage Hotel where the series have been performed since. We have organized over 200 concerts for approximately 95000 lovers of classical music in Dubai. The Dubai Concert Committee belongs to DCC Concert and Event Management.

Details about upcoming concerts are updated as they become available. Therefore please visit us, again and again…… . If you wish to learn more about our work, we invite you to visit our MISSION section. . And if you wish to contribute to our mission, we invite you to visit our SUPPORT section. Sincere regards Brigitta Dagostin



Vienna State Opera Woodwind Quintet

Members of the Vienna State Opera Woodwind Quintet came together performing with the specific instruments Viennese oboe, Viennese horn and Austrian clarinet, to create the typical style of the Viennese sound. Because of the near cooperation between the Stage orchestra and State Opera Orchestra the musicians are playing regularly with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

8.00 p.m.

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Gergely Bogany

Join us for this genteel and elegant piano recital by Hungarian pianist Gergely Bogany

08.00 pm

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Delphine Haidan (mezzo-soprano), Philippe Bernold (clarinet), François Chaplin (piano)

Amazing Trio from France comprising of Delphine Haidan (mezzo-soprano), Philippe Bernold (clarinet) and François Chaplin

08:00 pm

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Marlis Petersen

Marlis Petersen (soprano), Camillo Radicke (piano)

08.00 pm

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Seong Jin Cho

Star Pianist Seong- Jin Cho

08.00 pm

Al Sufouh, Dubai

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January 21 Vienna State Opera Woodwind Quintet  
February 10 Gergely Bogany (piano)
March 10 Delphine Haidan (mezzo-soprano), Philippe Bernold (clarinet), Francois Chaplin (piano)
April 7 Quatuor Modigliani (string quartet)
May 5 Rodion Pogosov (baritone), Semjon Skigin (piano)
September 8 Marlies Petersen (soprano), Camillo Radicke (piano)
October 6 Seong-Jin Cho (piano)
November 10 Sara Domjanic (solo violin), Nuron Mukumi (piano)
December 8 Manuel Blanco (solo trumpet)